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Why Social Media Marketing Isn’t Enough

Social media is an ADDITION to your website, not a substitute.

Human beings are born to interact with each other, and their love for communication has created the “Social Media”. This social platform has created an environment where people can communicate and reach out to a huge number of people from all over the world. Recently, these platforms have become a huge part of our lives that we can’t spend a minute without reaching out to these social platforms, it doesn’t matter if an individual wants to entertain, engage, shop, seek information, or do business because in all these scenario’s we use social media.  Ever wonder why the world has become addicted to these social platforms? Or why their popularity still exists after all these years as if they’ve been discovered yesterday? The answer is simple. These social platforms are efficient, quick, and easy. Having said that, they also allowed people to practice and share their interests and achievements through group developments. 

For instance, entrepreneurs took advantage of these platforms and introduced a whole new idea of social media marketing, which promoted these platforms positively. Thus, it became so easy for businesses to set up their work on these platforms, because it’s free, easy and recognizable in all over the world, which can create a huge base of customers for businesses. 

So, no one can argue about the importance of social media and how they changed the way we operate our lives and do businesses. Yet, these social platforms may lose their popularity or disappear from existence at any minute. On top of that, these social platforms have rules and regulations that each individual must follow in order to participate. Along with that, these social platforms have the freedom to take certain actions, and if for some reason they viewed anything that may contradict their policies, they will not hesitate to block certain users or delete their contents. However, if you develop a website, you can create your own image and publish your own contents without limitations, and to educate people about your business, it is a must that you develop a website.

 A website is a necessity for businesses since it’s a proof for their existence online, and if you are a business owner, and for some reason, you don’t own a website or if your website is inefficient then you are probably losing great opportunities that may promote your business. 

Nowadays, a lot of people will search the internet for a product or a service before they make the purchase to check whether a specific product or service is worth their time and money, and by having a strong and efficient website, you’ll be able to convince these people of your worthiness in the market, which in turn will increase your customers base. Despite all that, you must engage yourself in social media, because a website is your hub and social media is your marketing tool, and we all recognize the importance of marketing for a product or a service. To make things clear, “ don’t put all your eggs in one basket ” as you may lose great opportunities.

So, let’s think about it, your website is your virtual property, and your social media is your marketing tool but it cannot replace your website by any mean. You are probably wondering what can a website introduce to your business that a social media platform can’t? Here’s your answer……

A website is vital because of the following..

  1. Credibility. Consumers expect companies to have a website. They trust businesses that have a website. And having a website distinguish you from all other businesses that use social media to introduce and market their business.
  1. Full control. You have full control of how your website looks and the features it has. You own the platform and can manage it the way you like. You are no more at the mercy of the social media platforms where you must follow their rules and they control what content or promotion can be presented. 
  1. You don’t lose your business. Your website is your asset and you will be able to maintain it as long as you wish. While your business can be shut down if they don’t like what you are doing. Or these platforms might get acquired or shut down. Look at myspace, it no longer exists.
  1. Reporting Tools. Google and your web analytics give you more business insight than any other social media analytics. They keep you in control, they update you with data on how your customers are acting and give you a better way of understanding their behavior.
  1. Measure your website impressions. Through your website, you can capture a number of data about how your prospects engage with your website, and at what point are you losing them, and how can capture their details and turn them into loyal customers and make sales.
  1. High return on investment. 
  1. Websites act as a point of reference whenever a lead is confused.
  1. You can set up dedicated landing pages on your website where leads can get more information. Without these landing pages, chances that your leads convert are very low.
  1. You own the leads. emails still provide the highest ROI for modern marketers.
  1. You benefit from Google and other search engines in showing your site.


So, the best way to create an online presence is by starting a website to showcase your products and services; tell your story; build your brand. As soon as you create a website it’s time to use the social media as a marketing tool, as it will help you to reach out to new audiences that will help you drive traffic to your website in order to capture your audiences’ email addresses. Lastly, use your email list to communicate with your prospects. 

To put it in a nutshell, having only a website can promote your business, but having a strong website and a presence in different social platforms will help take your business to a whole new level.

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