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Websites vs Apps

When it comes to deciding whether to build a mobile application or a mobile responsive website, the right decision depends on your business objectives.

Many companies and entrepreneurs seek to develop a mobile application first. It became a trend more than a need. It is a sexy new way to connect with users, but, do you really need an application? Or you are better off with a website.

If you’re not clear about the difference between having a website or an application, this guide is for you.


An Application

Apps are very handy and can work offline, they are faster than a website, and it offers tailored communication to users based on their interests, location, behavior, and other data. They work better with hardware sensors like microphone, camera, and GPS. It gives you the ability to send out push and in-app notifications. And most important of all, it allows for a more interactive way for the users to engage. 

But creating an app is not an easy task and is very expensive compared to creating a website. It needs to be built for at least two platforms, iOS & Android, submitted for both App Store & Google Play Store. And if you have a limited budget, you will have to decide on which platform to start, and that means losing more than half of your customers. And don’t forget the updates, you will never be able to update them yourself.


A Website

A responsive mobile-friendly website is available for all users on the net, it’s easy to update from your side and the user will not have to update it from their side as well. It cost much less than an app. Mobile optimized sites are ranked better on Google and found much easier. They don’t need to be downloaded or installed. And it is accessible from all devices.

One of the most important thing about having a website is that you are investing in building a hub where you can tell your story, showcase your services or products and it will work 24 hours / 7 days a week. And most important of all if you build a professional website you can unleash the full potential of Google.

Remember that not all websites are created equal. Beautiful websites do not mean functional websites. 


A website or an app?

When it comes to choosing which approach, think about what you want to offer the customer. Is it focused on the services or products you have, or is it aiming at individual users?

Does it need to interface with the device’s features and hardware?

Do you have a marketing plan to market your app?


Bottom Line

Both apps and websites are simple to create, but for entrepreneurs and SMB that are not technical, a responsive website is the best option. Apps and responsive websites have a lot of the same options such as one-click calling, social sharing, navigation, and e-commerce.

But if you are planning to build an application to track the runners route or a taxi application that order transport to a specific location,  or a translator that needs to work offline, or give the traveler the ability to download a city guide, or an application that will depend on taking pictures, then definitely you need to go for an application. 

However, In my opinion, the best approach for your business is to start with a fully optimized, mobile-friendly website. Reach out your potential customers using the power of search engine optimization to rank on the first page of Google.

Work on your Social Media and integrate them into your website 

Improve your website, and learn what are the needs of your customers.

Later on, you can invest in cross-platform apps instead of investing in native apps. 

This way the users will be able to know you, and recognize your services or products, and can market your app through your website and your social media.

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